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  Yawn 09:41 PM -- Mon August 25, 2003  

I'm sleepy. Fixed tons of little bugs and issues in Supreme today. All last night, from about 8pm until 11:30 this morning, my computer was busily rendering a new animation for Supreme. It's one you get as a reward for something that will take you quite a while to accomplish! Just like it took the computer quite a while to make it. I ordered some more RAM today, I hope that will make future animations less sluggish. I also bought a new office chair!! I'm sad to see the purple chair go, but I'm happy to discover the wonders of back support and comfort. Also sad is the inability to fit the chair under my desk, since this one has arms, so I'm further back than before. But I slid my monitor closer, and I guess things are a-ok! I like having arms on the chair.

In other news, today I received my first attempted phone order. We get 99% online orders, a few mail orders, and very rarely phone orders. But of course, we only just started handling orders ourselves this month, so it's taken until now for someone to call up with a phone order. Well, I didn't expect it... oops... I answered the phone, "Hello?" and got a very confused customer. In the end, she decided I wasn't a legit business (or maybe she just thought I wasn't really the guy who runs the website?) and said she'd call back. Hasn't happened yet, but caller, if you're reading this, see? I TOLD you I was legit!

Ah, probably cost me an order, but it was an experience... and a learning one - I will start answering the phone properly from now on.
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