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  Sneak Peek: Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese 10:54 PM -- Tue August 26, 2003  

This is an ugly room. Sorry about that. It's the Rubber Room in the Crazy Asylum of Madness, and here Bouapha faces off against the deadly Mr. Crazypants. But what makes this shot so tremendously intriguing is the floor of the Rubber Room. It's rubber! If you look carefully, you'll notice Bouapha's shadow is quite a ways beneath him. That's because he's bounced high up in the air. Rubber is a new type of floor in Supreme, so far used only in this one room. There are much better uses for it though - put a spot of it in front of a river, and Bouapha can run up and use it to hop right over to the other side. I actually created it today, so that's why it's never been featured in any other levels. It's too bad, I think there's fun things to be done with it.

So furthermore, as you can see, I'm supremizing the Asylum. It's actually done now except for one more level. I've got to hurry... the contest deadline draws ever nearer. Mr. Crazypants is one of my favorite new enemies. You really have to see and hear him in action to see why.
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