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  So happy! 08:56 PM -- Thu August 28, 2003  

First of all, thanks to the caller for calling back - I have now made a sale by phone! I'm a pro. Secondly, NO thanks to the guy who tried thoroughly to defraud me, repeatedly, a lot, and who is now banned for life from ever buying our products. Thirdly, I'm so happy! MOVIES FINALLY SHOW IN THE PROPER COLORS IN SUPREME!!!! Well, they were always the right colors on my computer... hence the difficulty of fixing this bug. But it's fixed! I also wrote the instruction manual for Supreme today, just for gameplay - I'm not looking forward to the horrible day I have to begin the process of cranking out the 700 miles of editor documentation. That editor is a powerful, complex machine, and there's a lot to be said about it. And to top it all off with a cherry, this very computer now has a whole gigabyte of RAM (which didn't blow up the computer when I installed it)! Let's see what happens when I try to render a 3D movie now!
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