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  Oy 01:20 AM -- Mon September 1, 2003  

I am tired out. It's way past my bedtime! I just upgraded the forum software, and at the same time while I was in the neighborhood, I got rid of the Editing Dr. L Worlds and Saving The World forums. I merged them into Dr. Lunatic and General Crap respectively. There were just too many forums, I was tired of scrolling the screen so much! So along with that, I discovered a minor bug in the music thing above, which I have to fix soon.

But the main thing of course is that I created the IGF install of supreme at last. I think it's ready to go, I'm just seeing what some tester types think. Anyway, fingers crossed, I wanna win! No really, I know it's not even in the ballpark of winning, but if I can hit the finals, that'll be worth a whole lot to me, with the exposure and interest. And besides, that would include a free trip to the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) next year, wherein I would get to stand around and show off my game to passersby. That sounds rather wacky. I'm so tired!! Supreme is almost done. Really! And it's good too, I played tonight. I was surprised at just how many coins you can rack up just for doing the tutorial. But I think it works out - it's just about enough to buy one world and a stick of gum.
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