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  We said NAY! We are but men! 11:30 PM -- Wed September 3, 2003  

Whoa, whoa, oh oh oh... oh sorry, Hamumu is currently listening to: Tenacious D!!! Fun stuff. I just invented most of the user stats that will go online, and I have to say, it's seriously cool. It calculates such intriguing stats as "Fish Factor" and "Obsession" and "Roadkill Rate". And there will be a feature set up so you can all actually compete to have the highest values for these statistics. I was just noticing a couple minutes ago that I've worked at least 12 hours today. That's something! But it's just what I felt like doing at the time... this game is very close to completion and I'm ready to get it out the door! To clarify: I personally am ready to have it done - the game itself is not ready. But it's getting there. And I can't wait!
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