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  It's HERE! 07:17 PM -- Thu September 18, 2003  

Supreme's here! What a load off my back... except that now I have to start cranking out CDs for the hopefully giant flood of orders, and build the demo to cause a bigger flood of orders. That demo's a big task... and one I can't yet figure out how to do. Supreme's such an enormous game, and the variety and unlockables are what make it special. It's really hard to figure out how to express that stuff in a demo. Any ordinary demo would just kinda be a nicer version of the Dr. Lunatic demo. So I have to come up with an interesting thing to do, without incorporating too much stuff - gotta keep the demo small, so people will download it!

Phew... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we really fixed everything in there. I really think this is our most stable, solid, functional game yet, but there's just so much content that there's a billion ways it could crack. We tested so much, but you know... fingers crossed!

Well, the announcement newsletter just finished going out! Hooray. So now people know about it, and my nerves are all a-tingle! Scary. I think I'll go announce it on the forum too - I know you forum junkies never look anywhere but the forum.

Speaking of other parts of the site, check out the Scores Page. It's part of the Community section. Right now, it's looking pretty empty. So you better buy Supreme and be the first to fill it up! I guess it'll probably stay empty for a while... even if someone orders the game right now, as a download, it'll still take them hours and hours before they can play it. Sigh, oh well. I could go earn some scores and be the first one up there. Maybe I will... always fun to start a trend!
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