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  I gotta shower 09:10 AM -- Fri September 19, 2003  

Just finished my morning bike ride and came to look at the high score table. It's a great feeling to see people up on it!! It's also a great feeling to have tons of orders in my inbox! Looks like today will be a today of hefty CD creation and shipping (I haven't created any CDs yet, but don't worry, I'll have them ready to ship out today if you ordered yesterday or today!).

There was one major snafu in this whole process... when I first put up the ordering site, I had left in a piece of a really old code which made orders for Supreme subtract the shipping charge. So the first few people who ordered CDs got not only the $5 discount they requested, but an EXTRA $5 discount, because the shipping wasn't charged!

In one case it was funny, because the person ordering said in their comment that they wanted to pay full price even though they were eligible for the discount... that was really nice - but in the end they got the discount, whether they wanted it or not!

Oh well, the whole thing was my mistake, and I paid for it in straight up cash. Not too much - good thing I caught it earlyish. So, off to the shower, then the printers come on and the work commences. You'll love this DVD case and CD, they're funny.
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