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  YAY! 09:06 PM -- Fri September 19, 2003  

I'm having a really great day. Really tiring too. This launch has been beyond anything I could've imagined... this is already my best month for sales ever, and it's only the 19th! In fact, by the end of the month, sales will probably be much more than double the previous record.

But this is Hamumu... we're not all about the money! No, there's so much else I'm happy about here. The thrill of seeing people besides me on the high score chart was cool (but the rest of you who are playing, submit your scores and profile NOW!!!! You should be doing so every session you play, or otherwise, what good are you to me!?), but it's the comments I'm getting in the comment box on orders, and in the emails from people requesting the discount. That's the kicker! You guys are great! I wish I could share some of the comments, but I suppose I should ask for permission if I want to do that.

I'm looking forward to this Halloween Horror too... finally, I have the time to participate again, and I get to do it with Supreme, which will be a blast. And I see a lot of interest in it this time too - it'd be great to get 10 entries or more! I think the previous record is 4 (maybe 5 with Zook or POP showing up after the fact one of the times?). There's a kazillion names to choose from - 267 so far. Picking them will be a challenge, but I've built a special webpage and database backend and all kinds of goodies to handle it. Still isn't easy - you have to scroll through a page packed with 267 different names. But I tried to make it as easy as I could.

So the page isn't up yet of course, since I can't officially declare the end of name submission time until tomorrow, but come tomorrow, everybody come on out and vote for your favorite names! Even if you have no interest in participating in the contest, vote for names. It's easy as pie, and the more participation, the more fun for all. Especially me, and I wanna have me some FUN!

What a freaking great day. Whee.
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