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  OOPS 08:16 PM -- Sat September 20, 2003  

D'oh. So it took all of 48 hours for the first bug report in Supreme. Not that it's something serious... But if you own Supreme and haven't checked on the forum, note that there is a patch you need to download, on our Patches page. The only thing affected is quite literally ONE TILE in one level of the Spooky Forest world. You need the patch to make it possible to pass the level "Fumigation". I'm sorry about that... I know just how it happened too - if you care, read the next paragraph.

There's a special in that level that opens a wall up when you beat certain monsters. Initially, it had converted wrong from the original Dr. Lunatic, so it worked fine, but it made a patch of grass show up instead of nice wooden floor, which looked a little odd in this lovely bug-infested house. So a tester noticed that and pointed it out to me, so I fixed it, simple enough! Well, I didn't bother testing my fix, since all I did was click on the new tile to use, and it was so simple. So let this be a lesson to all game developers, especially me: ALWAYS ALWAYS test your changes!! The tile I picked WAS the right one (wooden floor)... only it was one of two copies of that tile. I had a special copy of that tile made which was impassable to use somewhere, I don't even remember where. And somehow I managed to click on the impassable version instead of the normal one. So there's a lesson learned. I hope!

But that's the only downer! I'm BLOWN AWAY!! by the response to Supreme! I don't usually sell this many games in a month! And the orders are still coming in! It's slowed down a little, but since thursday night, I've done nothing except make CDs and package them and mail them. Well, with a stop at Staples today to pick up more supplies! On top of that, when we were at Staples, some other customer gave us these coupons she had, but couldn't use, which were expiring that day - $10 off on one, and $30 off on the other, and we used both of em. I tell you, when you release Supreme, good things happen! To celebrate, we also stopped at the grocery store and picked up any snack and treat items we wanted. We ended up spending $100. But don't freak out - they were having one of those "bag full of frozen items, 10% off" sales, so we couldn't resist stocking up on WAY TOO MUCH frozen food. We got hummus & pitas, I need to go eat those.

Truly, this is my first break since thursday... and here I am spending it typing in my journal! Time to kick back with a movie - there's no way to ship games on Sunday!
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