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  Busy Day 04:59 PM -- Tue September 23, 2003  

Well, I can't say I've really accomplished a lot, but it's been a really busy day. I packed up the very last CDs we had available of Supreme, and was about to write an email to people awaiting shipment to let them know they'd have to wait longer, when the UPS guy showed up with the billions of new CDs, mailers, and cases I ordered! That was some nice timing. It's funny that all 3 orders arrived at once, since they were from three different stores. Obviously all quality outfits, getting the products out quick! Which is exactly what I was trying to be all day - so I had to make new CDs with the blanks that arrived, put em all together, and pack em up and ship em out.

I also got a new PO box, much closer to home, so I can bike there instead of driving 3 miles. That should help speed up our response to check orders! I haven't put up the new address on the site yet, though.

Further, I've put up a patch for Supreme. I just hate putting out patches. Makes me feel really stupid. I know we should've caught this stuff before we shipped... but you know, we just don't have the kind of testing muscle that hundreds of customers do! You guys find stuff we never expected. So hopefully this will be the only patch needed. There's only one crash bug that's been found, which is nice, although it was a pretty obvious one... you'll need the patch if you want to use the Playlist feature safely!

I also played a bunch of Supreme, still #1 in Skill! Beat that! My trick is to play worlds you can buy in the Kids 'We' Be store. Those are the worlds made by kids (and TDM's Small World, which is designed FOR kids), and they tend to be heavy on the mayhem. So I've racked up huge body counts and coins beyond imagining. I got 467 coins from one level alone!

So that's all I've done so far. Okay, I guess I did accomplish some stuff! Now I better accomplish some more... need to get this patch to the IGF people, get a new full version up for future downloaders, get the new full version set up to go on the new CDs, and make some graphics for another game I'm contracting on. Will that make it a full day? I could also put together the bookshelves that just arrived, that would be fun. Wouldn't be too bad if I got around to paying the bills either. Or putting some more time into making the Supreme demo! That's a daunting task. Okay, obviously I have a lot more to do, so I'll go do it.
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