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  Supreme Demo 08:45 PM -- Thu October 2, 2003  

I got lots done on the Supreme Demo today. Lisa Keck of world-building fame is assisting in the creation of the demo, so in keeping with the Supreme theme, this demo is pretty Supreme - it includes THREE worlds, and the tutorial. The worlds aren't as big as usual, but they have about 10 levels each, so it ain't nothing to sneeze at. Anyway, it's almost done, so pretty soon I'll see if anybody is interested in testing it out (I guess that's about the same as releasing it, since it's a demo... only difference is, I won't put a link to it right on the Supreme information page until it's been tested). I think it's a really good demo though, it's got 10 things you can buy in the store (including the worlds in question), 10 lockers you can open (choose wisely - there are only 4 Loonykeys available!), and 10 Gallery Goals you can complete (the pictures you earn are shameless ads for the full game, of course). The other nice thing is this demo will also be a demo of the new easier difficulty. I'm really enjoying it myself, it's so relaxing! Also, the demo levels themselves are rather easy (everybody always seems to say you sell more that way, so let's hope so! I also hope the non-demo levels don't come as a horrifying shock to people who enjoy the demo!), so it's a double whammy of easy, fun gameplay.

Of course, when the demo is done, I'll also put up the demo worlds as an add-on for Supreme, so you can download them if you already have the full version. Anyway, off to do a little more work then go have some dinner! Hooray for the universe.
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