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  Life in the big city 09:39 PM -- Thu October 16, 2003  

I got rear-ended today. Blech. It was minimal speed, no damage except the bumper got crushed in (it's plastic). But you know, I wanted to NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT! I hate it! Now I have to go get it fixed, and talk to the person who hit it to tell them what it costs, and all that fun, and they get to try to argue with the estimate as if they have any say. It suxorz.

We got a new couch after suffering through the eternal torment of Ikea (as the wife says, "NEVER AGAIN!!!!"), and the cats love it. They are very happy! They don't like getting sprayed with water constantly for trying to scratch it, but when they're not scratching it, they sit around it or on it very happily. I don't mind it myself. You can look it up in the Ikea catalog, it's the Fagelbo (should be an umlaut over the a or something, but I'm no HTML superstar). We got it in Boeryd (again, pardon the missing umlaut). That's a color. Isn't Ikea amusing?

I also got Dungeon Siege (PC game) today! It's because we had a huge Staples gift certificate due to my wife's Teacher Rewards card there, and if you don't use it all it once, what's left vanishes. We had to get the game, I'm afraid, or it simply would've been wasted. So sad. We did good though - by adding the game on, we came within 90 cents of the total amount, without going over. If I had realized that before we were completely rung up, I would've added a candy bar. I do love candy. We also used up an Amazon gift certificate just yesterday, something else I enjoy doing. I am way overstuffed from dinner, but I promised to make Krispie Treats, so awaaaaay I go.
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