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  Old Hamumu Flash Games! 03:02 PM -- Fri August 13, 2021  

Hey folks! Someone was asking me about playing the old games, and I looked in my files, and there is indeed a way to play my old flash games (not all of them, for various reasons, but a lot)!

You will need this tool: Adobe Flash Player Projector

Download that (don't even need to install it!), and then download the flash games from here: Hamumu.com/sourcecode. Drag them onto the projector EXE, and blammo, you're playing! I included Mia's Happy Day here, but it's fairly broken without internet stuff. You can still play the original levels at least. Others might have some minor issues as well.

I got sucked into these all morning, and not to toot my own horn, but those Boy's Life games are awesome. Super addictive. Pardon me while I continue my Scouts vs. Aliens build.
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