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  Meet Devi! 11:01 AM -- Fri September 24, 2021  

Look, it's actually about meeting someone!

Devi Bhura is the main character of Moon Invaders 2! The fabulous artist Ben Rose - known to many of you as HSB since he's been a Hamumian since approximately birth - has done portraits for all the Moon Invaders cast that will be used for conversations in the game. Whoa, his username on our forums was actually HSB, but I just realized it could stand for Hamumian Since Birth (it doesn't, by the way). Deep.

As a player, you won't have to meet Devi, the archaeologist from Earth who was sent up to the moon to examine the alien monolith, since you are her. But the other characters are ones you will be meeting as you make your way around the moon, getting to know them better in typical Groundhog's Day fashion, by squeezing info out of them so that on your next loop around you can get to know them better, until eventually you have their deep dark secrets, allowing you to convince them you are caught in a time loop and get them to help you without having to spend your entire loop explaining things to them (see the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow if you are unclear on the concept - it's a fun movie, too).

Right now I'm deep in the tangled tentacles of how this conversation/friendship system works and it is indeed a mess. I'm getting some ideas though.
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