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  A new release! 02:20 PM -- Mon September 18, 2023  

You already know about this from 2 blog posts back, but hey, it's exciting! Today is the 20th anniversary of Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese's release, which is really quite something if you think about it.

To celebrate, SpaceManiac got me a present called Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Steam. HSB also helped out with some original artwork. If you want to just play Dr. Lunatic, you can still get it for free on Itch.io, but the new Steam release adds some new stuff for you, like Workshop support for downloading worlds, full controller support (and Steam Deck!), cloud saves, and achievements. So if you want 'em, come get 'em!

My memory of 20 years ago is not tip-top. When I was testing this new release, I didn't have much trouble remembering how to play or what to do in different situations (or even a lot of specifics of the levels and worlds I played!), but I was met with a big surprise in terms of how good it still feels! I am often impressed with what I used to be able to do in my misspent youth, and then I wonder where all that chutzpah went. So I feel pretty good about this re-release, and I'm really happy to have SpaceManiac around as somebody who has an interest (and ability) in maintaining these old games and keeping them alive.

The one request I have for anybody who buys this new version is: please leave a review! That helps it get more exposure, and if we can get enough sales, then trading cards and badges can be enabled. We still haven't hit that mystery threshold on Kid Hallow either, so go review that too! I already made the trading cards for that game, like a year ago, I'm just waiting for them to let me release them! The real dream is a Sneaky Shark trading card, don't you think?
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