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  Much To Do About This Thing 04:55 PM -- Fri September 29, 2023  

Okay, so this is zoomed way out to make it an appropriately sized image (yeah, I could've done a thumbnail and let you zoom in... but then you'd see what it says!):

That's my awesome ToDo spreadsheet I created this past week and it has made me realize I got some work to do. Every green box is something that's done. Yellow boxes are in progress, they've been started but something more remains. Red boxes are not even started. It's a lot of red boxes, yes? At this moment, 22% of the boxes are filled in green, so I guess you could say the game is 22% done? But not really, because most of the basics are not on this at all. I made this list to show what still remains, not the whole project. And most of these things are small individually. In fact, I cranked out 17 of them today! Despite appearances, this actually feels like it's getting close to finished! For certain definitions of close. And finished. And to.

I am aware that I said I was doing an alpha test, and that is still where I'm aiming. That upcoming test is really what's pushing me to fix up a lot of little things because it's gonna drive me nuts to hear a bunch of bug reports about something I already know is broken! I have also really been holding myself back to finish up the core and the first 2 game modes (To Tory L. and 20 Minutes Till Lunch), rather than doing any of the fun stuff of making content for the rest of the modes. That has been sad, but I want the alpha test to feel like it's a working slice of the game instead of having a bunch of chunks hanging loose in every direction and nothing works.
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