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  Let's Call This A Monthly Newsletter 08:20 AM -- Mon December 4, 2023  

I have been very hard at work for the past month, despite appearances! We now have alpha testers who are actually trying out the game and discovering that it is shockingly full of crashes and inexplicables like enemies that jump through walls. But because fixing bugs is boring, I spend more of my time cranking out new content than fixing things. And one major issue I knew I had to tackle was the fact that many of the games I want to parody don't just have you doing one continuous run in a single world. They have a meta-map that you traverse, choosing which battle you're going to fight at each step. So I had to implement that layer, and here it is:

At present this is the only theming for it, the classic Stone Platforms In Outer Space that we all know so well. I kinda want to stick with that to keep it universal, but also it would be cute to match the content of each game, so we'll see. Anyway, this is Curse of The Bedbugs, the 3rd game mode in development. At this point it is 'playable' in the sense that you can enter each of those battles in turn and fight the exact same 30 bedbugs each time, and get to the end and get stuck because there's no win condition. Pretty good game.

For such a simple game, this may be my longest development cycle of all time. But boy is it high-tech on the inside.
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