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  Progresso Soup 04:35 PM -- Mon March 25, 2024  

I am accomplishing things! I just don't talk about it is all. Pictured is a new hero, new game mode, and new ability! Good luck figuring out what any of them are. That means I'm up to 7/8 heroes, and 7/8 abilities. That's sad, those are the most fun things to make. I'm not actually such a big fan of making game modes. I guess it fits my playing preferences too - I'll play a very limited game over and over a million times, if I can use different skills and weapons and strategies every time, but will be bored out of my mind playing a game with a million different areas and enemy types, if I only have a few skills and weapons to choose from.

Well, I guess I better get going and make another game mode. There are many to go. And there is one I am very excited about!
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