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  Circular Reference Error 02:38 PM -- Mon April 29, 2024  

Don't you be thinking I'm not doing the work! I'm just not doing the blogging. In this game of 16 weapons, 8 heroes, 8 abilities, 8 main game modes (and a variant of each), I am now sitting comfortably at the stage of: 1 weapon left, and it's half-done already; 1 hero left; 1 ability left; and yeah... a lot of game modes to go. I got 4/8 done (with great need of tuning), and 2/8 of the variant modes.

Pictured above is Crownado mode, which you certainly don't recognize as being remotely similar to any previous Hamumu creation. I'm most of all pleased with the bosses in Crownado mode. I'm not going to spoil them here. There's a real improvement in these game modes as I move on and learn from the earlier ones (and add more features to my scripting language). The bosses are getting downright wacky.

I am playing as Scarecrow, who has some great melee buffs and a hat that functions like a Borderlands shield. I'm throwing those melee buffs out the window by using the Boomhauer, a dang ol' long-range homing missile launcher. I also have a pet named Boney, and I'm wearing the Scary Scarecrow costume, and those Fat Crows are trying to steal my corn!! Oh yeah, and I'm using an alternate crosshair, there are several to choose from.
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