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  Tomorrow is International Loonyland Day! 12:17 PM -- Thu May 30, 2024  

Loonyland is being reborn tomorrow, with amazing new Steam features and some updates and fixes. I think all known issues are fixed (like the sound problem you all know and love!). The non-Steam version is also receiving all these fixes. The Steam version has leaderboards (sorry, can only view those on Steam, not in-game), Achievements, and Steam Deck support. Plus the ability to give me your money!

Fun new stuff of note:
  • Add Randomizer mode (by AutomaticFrenzy)
  • Add Hard difficulty between Normal and Challenge (by AutomaticFrenzy)
  • Allow selecting character on the New Game screen (by Hyperme)
  • Increase save slots from 5 to 250 and show more information in the list
  • While Weapon Lock is on, weapon pickups pass through you, and you can use a new third control to grab them
  • Show invincible guys in aqua on the Radar and improve its accuracy on small maps
  • For quests that get "completed" before being turned in, indicate this status in the menu
  • Improve decoration on the first floor of Haunted Tower (by Jamul)
  • Fix difficult-to-access Gangrene in A Hidey Hole (by Jamul)
  • Fix Hardcore Mode not working correctly
  • Fix Witchcraft badge to award at level 9, matching the description, instead of level 10
  • Fix Vampire Slayin' badge description to say two minutes instead of one, matching award
  • Improve controller support
  • Add volume option

Regarding the newly decorated Haunted Tower, I found a lot of passageways that looked really boring when I was playing the game, and so I thought I'd just pop in and add some spice and details all around the map... until I actually tried to use the editor. This is definitely pre-Supreme editing days. Yikes. Sorry, I stopped at Haunted Tower 1.
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