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  Dumb, Dumb, Dumb 10:26 AM -- Thu November 17, 2005  

I drew a "D" today, so work on Dumb: The Game I shall! The returns on that effort have so far been what might be called abysmal, especially for the hours I spend cranking out puzzles (I spent more than 3 hours making the one called "On The House"... oh, that was a tricky one). Unfortunately, after 8 (9?) years in this business, I have absolutely ZERO skill in marketing, so I don't even know how to go about making it popular and known.

I'm really happy with it in terms of actual results - it's a cool site that's a lot of fun, and I can't believe I'm still able to make puzzles for it and haven't completely run dry (and not a repeat of puzzle type yet! That'll be coming soon though, I'm quite sure). I just wish it was paying off. It just needs to get the exposure somehow. Presumably advertising it would be good (as opposed to just creating it and leaving it sitting there, which is what I've done so far!). Wish I knew a good place or way to do that. It's definitely the kind of thing, though, where once it gets over a certain point, it'll grow on its own, as people introduce it to others.

And for that, it shall need more puzzles! Which is what today is about. I consider 100 puzzles my "done" point, where I won't stop making puzzles, but I'll stop worrying about the need to crank them out. I'm quite a ways from 100, and I don't know if I'll ever get there... feel free to submit your own ideas! It helps.

Nanonote: I'm just under 35,000 words. Still way ahead of schedule! Whoopee!!
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