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  Thanks be to new news 08:32 PM -- Wed November 23, 2005  

Nanonews: I am at 46,600 words, writing the climactic showdown. It'll come in very close to just the right length, and I'll easily finish in time. Then, over the next 20 years or so, I'll rewrite and scribble out all over the thing, until at last it is somewhat legible. Should be exciting! Today Sol and I discussed some changes that would need to happen, and they were depressingly exhaustive. Rewrite may well be the right word, and I fear I won't ever have the energy for such an endeavor, which is a sad thought, because I like the story, even though I think I'll never have the writing skills to do it justice. We'll see!

Hey, don't forget to vote in the Monthly Merge! Time is running out for that. I've got plenty enough votes for WW, seems people much prefer voting on that than on the actual contest where they could win fabulous prizes! What's the deal there?

I want a desktop publishing program. I am thinking of getting PagePlus. I messed around with MS Publisher, which came with my computer, and did some extra fancy cards for Dueling Doodles, a card/drawing game of mine (formerly Art Attack for those in the know). They look cool. I can only imagine how much cooler they'd look if I had a decent publishing program! And then I could make catalogs, nicely written rules, and who can even guess what else. The wonders of DTP are limitless! We had a little talk about the prospects of self-publishing my card/board games and selling them here. Would be nice.

I finished playing Land Of Legends today. Fun! There's a "Legendary Campaign" it asked me to embark on next (the normal campaign again, only way harder). No thanks. I loved it, but I loved it being easy. I don't want torture.

Not a lot of work getting done this week, caught up in holidays and Sol being on vacation. I got a trailer hitch put on my car, that was fun. Now all I need is a trailer...
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