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  November Ends 07:49 PM -- Tue November 29, 2005  

I'm proud! I printed out the certificate and pinned it to the wall already. I normally eschew such sillyality, but you know, I wrote 50,000 words in one month that all connect into a coherent tale (a crappy one, but each word does relate to the others!). I feel like I really accomplished something! Of course, on the other hand, the story isn't actually done. It's really close... I'm right in the middle of the climax, but it could be another 10,000 words before it's completely rounded up. And then it needs decades of editing before it's readable. But I did it!! I'm a nano winner!

I'll slow that down now... one hour a day should be good. Then when I finally finish I can set it aside for a couple months and pretend it doesn't exist, which would be for the best.

I got an early birthday present! It's a keyboard (the musical kind)! It's super cool and I am trying to be musical on it. I'm trying to learn some music theory, though I have no actual resources for doing so.

Spent all day today doing non-work things, but they were good. Christmas shopping! I love that I can do that while sitting here at my computer. Yesterday was Ninja work, got some stuff done there on the Ninja Skill system, which is how you earn belts. Belts serve no purpose other than to allow you to access harder levels (and that's only the first few, then the rest are just for fun). Ninja Skills are kind of like Gallery Goals, there are 99 of them, although many repeats like "Earn 100,000 total points" and "Earn 200,000 total points".

Wow, I feel like something is done. It's a weird feeling.
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