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  MiniMac 05:56 PM -- Wed January 12, 2005  

I never thought it'd happen, but I did it... I bought one of these! It's smaller than my laptop (of course, my laptop has a monitor and keyboard...)! So I'm one step closer to porting things to the mac. Two steps maybe, since I was at $0 in Mac profits until now, and now I'm more like $-700 in profits, so I have some incentive. Hope it's a good purchase. Porting won't be easy, and I'm going to outsource the old games, but for future games, I'm developing them in a cross-platform way, so I'll try them out on the mac as well as the PC and get them going from the beginning. It's a whole new world of issues to deal with, pretty scary. But people who have games on both say they get at least 50% sales from the mac side, so my sales could double! Sounds worth it. I hope.
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