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  Get Rich The Dumb Way! 11:45 AM -- Wed January 19, 2005  

Hey, I've added a new page to the site, currently not linked from anywhere... guess I should add a link on the company page. It's the Affiliate page, and it lets you sign up to sell our games on your website for a (LARGE) commission. This is for people with big established websites, as you'll see on the page, not just anybody. I'd love to extend it out to everybody in the world, and just see who can bring me sales, but the payment processing would be way too much work. So we'll check out prospective affiliates and make sure you've got some decent traffic and a nice website and that we think you'll get some sales. If so, we'll sign you up and you can start getting (me) rich! Check out the details at http://hamumu.com/affiliate.php.

I'm still experimenting, on the development side. I'm putting together a 3D engine, and it's a whole lot of confusing work. I keep getting just plain stuck and lost, not sure what to work on next to actually end up with something that I won't have to rewrite a week later. Right now, the 'game' consists of a 3D triangle spinning on a black screen. Awfully fun! There's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff written though. It just needs to find its way to the screen. What I'm trying to do is make a 3D system that can create a world out of blocks that the player can wander in (and a world builder can create). The blocks will be like the tiles in Dr. Lunatic, only stacked up in 3D space! So of course, there will be a jump button.

We're also putting a lot of work, way way in advance, into preparing for a trip to Mexico in spring. I've never been out of the country, how scary! I've also not taken a vacationy vacation since my honeymoon!

And NO it's not Loonyland 2.
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