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  Speculation is fun! 03:05 PM -- Mon January 24, 2005  

Look at you all speculating about the mysterious 3D thing! And to think, I almost gave up on 3D today because it was so tangled up. But now I have upgraded from a colored spinning pyramid to a textured spinning cube, and a lot more underlying code that means that cube is a lot more meaningful than the pyramid too. I almost think I might be getting somewhere, but I wouldn't count on it.

If you haven't voted in this poll please do so ASAP. Read the first post to get more details on exactly what you're voting on. This is no silly waste of time, but a really vital decision, and you have a say in where it goes!

My game Art Attack is currently being looked over by other board game designers on a forum, and the comments so far (in the 4 hours or so it's been up...) have been really positive! I don't know what's up with that. If it keeps up, it will be very gratifying, but not terribly helpful. Some people have suggestions, but they mostly seem to want to make it even more random than it already is! I'm going to have to ask why they think that.

Hey, why don't you check out the game yourself!? Crazy idea! The rules and the cards are both DOC files, you can get the rules here and the cards here. If you are handy with scissors or a papercutter, you can even print up your own prototype to play. Feel free to post comments about it right here.
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