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  Blockworld Round 1 11:57 AM -- Mon January 31, 2005  

If you haven't been digging around the forums, you don't know about Blockworld. It's a test program I've made to see about how fast my 3D idea can work on everybody's computers. If you haven't tried it, or even if you have since I made a new version today, please download Blockworld Test. It's a ZIP file, you should be able to just unzip it into its own directory or something like that. Inside are 6 batch files - windowed mode and full screen mode versions of small, big, and huge maps. If you run any of them, here are the instructions:

The mouse lets you look around (warning, in fullscreen you might get seasick!). Hold down the left button to move forward, right button to move backwards. You always stay at the same height, even if you look up or down, there's no moving up or down.
The number in the upper left of the screen is your current framerate (beneath that is the number of polygons it's drawing, which will be constant). I need to know what framerates you get on the different maps and windowed/fullscreen, and what speed your computer is. Huge will most likely be very awful, but that's okay, it's a stress test. The hope is that Big will work well. If you get a framerate of "1.$" for an extended period, try to notice if it's flowing along smoothly while saying that, or if it's jerking and chunking along. 1.$, not being an actual number, can somehow be either good or bad, I've discovered.
You'll note that your framerate (unless it stays maxed out) goes up or down depending on what you're looking at, so try to give a range of the worst and best speeds you get. Keep the numbers you get from each different size map and different screen mode separately, they don't really relate (other than that hopefully you'll do a lot better on smaller maps than bigger!).
If it's an absolute slideshow even on Small, you probably don't have working openGL drivers (although it shouldn't start up if you don't - it should take you to a webpage on our site that tells you about openGL drivers instead). Let me know about that too!
If you find the textures offensively ugly, which they are, you can edit tiles.tga to your liking.

You can post your results on the Making Dumb Games forum ("Frame Rate Test For Fancy 3D Blocks" topic), as comments on this journal, or e-mail me.

I really appreciate any help you can give me. It's important for me to get this info, because if it doesn't work on your computer and you don't tell me, you might not be able to play the next fantabulous Hamumu release!! That would be a tragedy!

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