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  Blockworld Be Gone 05:28 PM -- Tue February 1, 2005  

Forget it! You know, the game development process is, until you get into the thick of just hammering down the code you have planned, a long series of soul-searching exercises. Well, it is for me, probably not for normal people. That's how I arrived at the idea that I should make another Dr. Lunatic type game - it's fun and easy for me, and it's very well established that my customers like it! And this whole process of messing with the 3D stuff was a part of that. Banging my head on this stuff over and over, and this is my latest conclusion: I'm in this job for the fun of it. And it's not fun to do complicated math. I could get blockworld up and running, but even if I didn't need to make complex optimizations to it, it would greatly complicate the everyday work of making the game. Every aspect of it would be made more difficult by the 3D block setup, nothing would just be straightforward, and in the end I'd be insane(r) and have a huge bloated mass of code that I'd never be able to debug.

I like things simple. So I'm going to make them simple. More fun for me, more games for you, and they'll work on your computer (probably). And you know you like em too! I'll try 3D again someday, I always go back and mess around with it once a year or so. Hopefully someone will have made a nice easy engine for me to use by then.

But you people responding to my poll aren't making it simple for me, by keeping the results almost 50/50! So here's the poll about what to do with this upcoming game, please vote on it and add your comments. As an added bonus, it gives away the answer to what you've been speculating on! Here it is!
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