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  Sneak Peek: Sol Hunt 09:13 PM -- Wed February 16, 2005  

Well, it doesn't look much like Sol Hunt, does it? But this is the first step! It's an online paint+chat program! By tomorrow it will no longer be a paint program, but I really wanted to do something more than just the chat. So with that under my belt, it's time to move onto real gameplay! But it was very fun to scribble around together. Each player is a different color (well, when this shot was taken there was a bug and two of the people were both green). I would love to make an actual online paint+chat thing (imagine, games like Pictionary and stuff, with people online!), but Sol Hunt is first at least. And I'm so excited about it. Playing stuff online is great! And this thing worked like an absolute charm. It had bugs of course, but it was really amazing to see drawings appear before your eyes, and it worked so much better than I expected. I have high hopes for Sol!

The writer of "Derelict 4-Ever" was of course the developer of Derelict, if you're wondering.
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