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  Artificial Butter Flavoring 05:25 PM -- Wed May 4, 2005  

Well, it's been a while, I think. I'm working on the ninja game. I think what I will do is submit the small version of it to the contest and call that Ninja Academy. It will be themed accordingly, with your enemies being training dummies and whatnot. Then the big version to come out later will be Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time with a more diverse world. I put up a sneak peek so you can see how it looks right now (well, it looks like that only with a lot less JPG artifacts).

In addition to that, another big bit of news is that we are now on the new Supreme CDs! Only Supreme right now, that was my initial test. And boy did it go badly at first - the day they got set up (yesterday) I got an email from a Canadian customer concerned about the SIXTY DOLLAR shipping charge. So I had to iron some things out a bit. I'm not sure it's all good yet, but it's sure getting there. Hopefully fast, since I already ordered the Kid Mystic and Loonyland CDs. It's kind of a mess though, since the Buy page is still set up for the flat $5 charge. It's a tad confusing if you order a Supreme CD. We're working it out though.

And last big news is that the Monthly Merge has begun! Create a level and win a fabulous prize. Click the link to learn more. I need to get the Monthly Newsletter out so I can announce that to the world.
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