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  Rockin And Rollin 05:30 PM -- Tue May 24, 2005  

What's up lately... I've been trying to put Ninja Academy on the Mac through a myriad of ridiculously weird problems (because the Mac is ridiculously weird). As of now, it is ported, it runs great... but I can't seem to figure out how to build it into a finished release with all the attached files. So I'm working on that. When I finally have this all figured out, I will officially be only 99% clueless on the Mac.

I'm also working on Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time. Just design things right now, and I contacted an artist but have not heard anything back. But it's serious design things and it's really shaping up, I think.

Of course, it's all slow going since I'm also working VERY hard on Guild Wars. Other notes: we now have the new CDs for Supreme, Kid Mystic, and Loonyland. I really need to clarify the order page to reflect that stuff, since it is not a flat $5 charge for those games, but it still is for all others. We will most likely actually be discontinuing all the other CDs (but adding new ones for new games that come out), just because we don't sell enough of them to justify it! So for the time being, you can get the classic Hamumu cases, but time is running out. I wonder if there's any demand for signed copies... Other other note, still waiting on a sound fix for Loonyland Mac, then it will be released. Other other other note, June 1st will begin the Summer Silliness as well as the next Monthly Merge, so whee!
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