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  Craziness 05:36 PM -- Tue May 31, 2005  

Craziness #1 - It turns out that CTRL-...something (maybe I?), or something like that, instantly closes Firefox without any warning at all. Maybe it just crashed. So there goes my original attempt at a journal entry!

Craziness #2 - What I had been writing about was that we have sold our house and are currently in escrow (which means we haven't really sold it yet, and things could still go horrifically wrong), and it's blowing my mind. I can't stand all this paperwork and complex garbage. Why on earth does it take all this to transfer items between people who clearly want to transfer these items? It's utterly insane! I know the banks need to get all the stuff they need to trust us with these large sums of money and all that, but should it really take a month of shuffling papers back and forth? Why can't we sit down at a desk with the people we're selling to and buying from and some kind of House Transfer Dude, and get this hashed out in an hour? It hurts my brain. For that matter, why not just one page right on the front of the huge wad of house-selling papers that says "I hereby certify that I read all those pages there, and agree to every one of them, all at once! Signature X______", instead of initialling and signing upwards of 200 different places (that's not an exaggeration, in case you have never dealt with house buying, it's real!).

So that, along with of course Guild Wars, is what's keeping progress slow these days. But hey, tomorrow we announce the winners of the last Monthly Merge, and begin the next one (oops, I haven't figured out what it will actually be yet!), and release some new add-ons, and begin the Summer Silliness. Since so many people have already posted names, I'm just going to skip that step entirely. If you have names you want to propose for Summer Silliness, get them in on the forum before tomorrow. I'm also gonna whip through the voting this time, one week at the most. You know, Summer Silliness really doesn't inspire me. I'm much more a Halloween Horror kinda guy. And Monthly Merge for that matter, which I think is really fun.

New news on Ninja game? There are now these poles that stick out of the wall, and if you hit them while jumping, you begin spinning around them like a gymnast. Tap the button to jump off in the direction you're going. I like them. There's also a nifty glowy time-travel effect. Time travel, you say? What?! Could that relate to anything else you've heard lately? Surely not.
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