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  ITunes 12:13 PM -- Tue June 7, 2005  

The "Hamumu Is Currently Listening To" above is dead because I've been listening to internet radio through ITunes lately! I got tired of hearing the same couple thousand songs over and over (that's a lot of songs to get tired of!), so I'm radioing it. And that's important to me. I haven't listened to radio in maybe a year other than very occasional bits in the car, which means I never find out about new music. New music is good!!

The house buy/sell is moving along. We actually got to meet the guy we're buying from this weekend. He took us around the house showing us how things work and discussing the things we wanted fixed (a very short list). He was really cool - he built the house! Well, not entirely, it's a manufactured home, but he built the garage and put the house up and all that. And he really went above and beyond all over it. It's quite a wonderful house and property both.

But that house thing is very involving. I can't believe how much junk we have! We're stashing stuff in the garage, and have it half full, but most of our stuff is still somehow in the house. It's like it's just a bottomless fountain of books, clothes, and assorted baubles that are just slightly too important to throw away.

Haven't done anything concrete on the Ninja game as a result (and yes, Guild Wars is still a bit addicting), other than looking around for an artist. No results from that yet. What keeps me from working on the game is that the next thing is to implement the enemy AI. I even know just what I want to try, but it's just kinda scary and daunting. Luckily, there's plenty to keep me occupied in other directions with this house. We've run ourselves out of stamps with all these escrow papers, I have to go get more today.

I did have interesting things to blog upon, but now I've said too much, so later. I'll tell you about Tin Chef and mookies!
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