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  Stress 10:20 AM -- Tue June 14, 2005  

So much to stress over in the last week before moving. We signed a lot of fancy documents yesterday. I'm getting really concerned about moving money to where it needs to be when it needs to be (why on Earth aren't wire transfers instant? How does it take days to flip bits in 2 computer's databases?).

And here's the sad sad sad story. This has been the biggest mess of all. From talking to the guy who built the house (and who lives a few miles from it), we got the impression that DSL was available at the house. That impression was false (my other impression was that he wasn't really a computer guy, so he probably just has dialup). After researching the options, I came up with satellite. Which I then realized was a terrible idea and panicked and called them back quickly enough to avoid paying the FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR cancellation fee (not too big compared to the SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR setup fee). Satellite is much faster than dialup for downloading, slightly faster than dialup for uploading, and costs $70 a month. The other little tidbit? Since you're beaming info to a satellite, it has horrific latency. That means that even though you get data quickly, the data doesn't begin coming until as much as 1 second (or maybe even longer sometimes) after you ask for it. That's nothing if you're surfing the web, but it means no online gaming! Even dialup will do better for that. So for now, we're on dialup out there. Probably mainly because we are spending an awful lot on this house and could use some time to let the wallet cool off. From that dialup, I hope to discover that ISDN or something is possible and reasonable. There's no really great sounding options, thanks to our backwoodsyness.

Guess we'll be roughing it! Well, presumably this will make me highly productive. I sure remember the last time I was highly productive - I lived all by myself in San Luis Obispo, using a 33.6 modem. Man, did I crank out the games in those days. Of course, the difference is that now I have to spend 48 hours a day downloading spam. Which is a lot of hours. For a lot of spam.

And hey, get those Monthly Merge levels in! We haven't had many entries this month, presumably due to Summer Silliness. I sure hope next month is bigger.
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