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  Bored and excited 06:14 PM -- Fri June 17, 2005  

So, the house is ours! Now I'm super bored. I'm sitting here waiting for the keys to be given to us so we can get to moving. I'm also excited, because I just bought a HOUSE. And it's a great one. But man am I bored. Played tons of Guild Wars today, but not for the joy of it, just to kill some stupid time. Sure, I could've worked, but not when things are so antsy. My brain doesn't kick into gear when stuff looms over it.

House humor: Verizon turned our phone off early, so I have been here with no phone access. I emailed a few people to see what was going on, but it's a pain not having a phone at a fairly critical moment like this. Luckily, the DSL is still up and running, so I can waste my time here! Now... what else to do in my boredom...
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