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  Super bored and unexcited 03:55 PM -- Sat June 18, 2005  

Well, that was not good. Everything with the close of our escrow went perfectly, despite having to be super rushed to get where it was. It was an amazing feat of coordination and perseverence from all parties involved. We all hammered at it and got it done early (so early that the lender for the people buying our house complained that nobody can close a house that quickly!). Great work! Except that the title company decided they didn't want to record it that day. So there you go. All the money's gone where it needs to be (even to the title company!), but they decided not to contact the county and record it. So we won't be able to move until Monday. What a lame weekend this is. No phone, no lights, no motorcars - not a single luxury! Actually, that's just a lyrics quote - the only thing we really lack is a phone. But I'm not sure exactly when those other things will vanish (the cars will probably stick around though, I hope).

We also should've been stiffed badly by U-Haul since we had reserved a truck for today, but that actually went awesomely. We went in there and talked to them, and they had apparently lost our reservation (which really doesn't say much for them, however lucky it was) and so they gave us a monday reservation of the biggest truck for the price of the medium truck, and no penalty for not giving 24 hours' notice. Better than it would've been on Saturday! All we need to do is sit out this boring boring weekend. More Guild Wars, I guess. Boy, I'm gonna miss DSL... I hardly knew ye!
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