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  Big Changes 08:06 PM -- Wed June 29, 2005  

Well, lots of big changes all of a sudden. Today marks the beginning of another in the long, long, long line of attempts to defeat my unproductive nature. I created a detailed task list for Ninja (let's just call it that for short...), and I now have to complete tasks from that list in order to earn even the simplest pleasures. We're talking basic web browsing here! And of course Guild Wars and such things are part of the reward scheme.

One horrifying thing was discovered in the process of making this scheme as vicious as possible. See, I moved my computer into the official office, where it's supposed to be. That sounds good, but there isn't a phone jack in there yet (they're coming to install it in a couple weeks). That way, I can't do anything but work when I work. Well, almost anything. It means web browsing and such has to happen out here, on the laptop. It all sounded very clever, until it hit me that it means I can't play Guild Wars! I have to try installing it on the laptop and see how it works... but it'd be very awkward with this keyboard and 'mouse' even if it does run well. Can I just tough it out for 2 weeks? Don't be silly! I need to play!

Nature Notes: we met our first scorpion while cleaning up and arranging the garage yesterday. He was really small, but there's just something creepy about scorpions. He got away and hid behind some stuff, so now we know there's a scorpion in the garage. He's hard to see too, kind of camoflauged. What other nature... our neighbors have a pair of goats! We've also been informed that someone has a peacock, but we haven't seen it. Otherwise, tons more rabbits and lots more lizards. Have I mentioned we have a pair of quail who like to wander our yard together and make cooing noises?

In other country life news, we tried to go dump our trash at the dump (you city folk with your high-falutin' garbage pickup!), only to find it's closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We would've known that if the trash people we were supposed to call for information a week ago had ever returned our call! We also have propane at long last. I had a nice warm shower this morning. Not long though - we have the heat, but we also got the bill for the heat. Turns out propane is not cheap, so we'll be careful about wasting it.

Scorpions aside, our garage is beautiful now. We got our Ikea shelves up, and the hanging tool cabinet my dad brought us, and it's all organizey. Yes sir, things are coming together around here. Just in time for Anza Days this Saturday! Whoop-de-holler-cay-yay!

Oh, and we should be finally getting Loonyland Mac released very soon. Just gotta get the final versions from the guy porting it, and voila. Loonyland for the masses! Tomorrow I'll let you know where things stand on Ninja. Also very soon will be the results of the last Monthly Merge contest (a close one!), and the release of Summer Silliness II. So hold on tight!
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