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  Chillin 10:46 AM -- Fri July 8, 2005  

In Ninja News, not much yesterday. Got some preliminary designs of tiles from the artist that looked cool. Reminds me of the game I-Ninja immediately. Sadly, I am poor, so I can only afford to have the artist do the tiles. EVERYTHING else is going to be homegrown, which is a shame because his art is really great, and I know I won't be able to pull it off nearly as well. But on the flipside, I like doing my own art. It's a lot of work, which I don't like, but the satisfaction of people buying something that's all Hamumu is very nice. I have some interesting stylistic thoughts on this game, there will be some changes to the Time Ninja himself as well.

I also sent out some discussion to a certain musical maestro about the music. If we can pull it off, there will be something TRULY amazing going on there (and here you're thinking "what could be truly amazing about the music? Did you get the rights to use Elvis?"). Don't hold your breath on that though, it will probably just end up being good old Hamumu music (from the same musician who brought the amazing Dr. Lunatic soundtrack).

Monthly Merge time is half up and I have already received many. This was a much more popular merge than last month!

No good Nature Notes today. We have seen more of the gigantic black bugs, that look like stinkbugs kinda, but I don't think they are. They walk real slowly. And we put out a solar water fountain for our baby quail to visit, but so far it's not solaring. We've had it a long time, it could well be dead. See you tomorrow.
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