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  I Like Pie 07:19 PM -- Tue July 12, 2005  

I baked an apple pie! It looks good, let's hope it is. Whenever a recipe calls for something like "6 cups of chopped apples", I'm at a loss. How can I tell from looking at whole apples (with their cores in the middle too!) how many cups of chopped apple I'll end up with? Well, turns out I can't. I always end up with lots of extras. So I also made a mini-pie, since I also had leftover crust (I guess that means I rolled the crust too thin? I don't know, I'm no chef). I like mini-pies. Every time I make something like this, there's always leftover stuff, and I can't bear to throw it away, so I invent some kind of weird little concoction that sounds about right and throw it in the oven with the main dish. I have made little pieces of cinnamon pie "toast" before. Not terribly good, really. Pie crust is not very sweet. But this mini-pie is looking good.

Inspired by all this vector art (and how awkward PSP7 is about doing vector art), I am downloading the PSP9 demo. I didn't even know they were UP to 9 yet! I hope it's good, because at 20% done, it's telling me there's still five and a half hours to go. Super happy go go dialup!!
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