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  Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time 10:46 PM -- Fri July 22, 2005  

So, here's the decision! The mighty White Ninja. This is also the background for the Ninja Academy era (for the confused, Ninja Academy is the first of the time/space locations that the Time Ninja visits in Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time. it won't look anything like the old Ninja Academy, nor will it have anything in common layout-wise). And before you ask, no, he won't be this big. Looks like he's stomping these buildings though, huh?

By background, I mean this image will be behind all those tiles you saw in other sneak peeks, non-scrolling, so as to give a sense of perspective (poor man's parallax!). It replaces the smear of colors I previously had in place.
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