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  So 07:12 PM -- Sat July 23, 2005  

My latest "get stuff done quick" scheme (dating back several weeks) revolves around earning poker chips for various accomplishments on the ninja game. I can then spend these chips to play computer games or read websites. The exchange rate is frankly quite agonizing, but it's working. Or at least, in the sense that I'm not playing any games or reading any websites it is. It's not working in the sense that I'm not getting anything done. Ah, but I'm getting tidbits done... you saw the stuff in Sneak Peek. I like that stuff, it's looking pretty cool. And today I did a little stuff in the code. Anyway, I also earn a chip for each journal entry or sneak peek I do, so that encourages me. And voila, I have now earned a chip! Best of all, tomorrow is Sunday, when I get to play for FREEEEeeeeeee! Oh the playing I will do.

Took trash to the dump today. That's part of country living - you haul your own trash to the dump. It was gross. We built a compost heap recently, but this trash was started prior to that, and thus contained some grossness, which resulted in liquid in the can. Trash liquid is a gross substance.

Earthlink watch: still have not received the promised refund. Inching ever closer to the day I can contest the charge with the credit card company! Would prefer they'd actually refund it though. Once this is finally handled, I'm getting a new, much cheaper, ISP. Maybe even one that won't be PUREST EVIL.
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