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  Sneak Peek: Super Happy Go Go Ninja Time 09:15 PM -- Tue July 26, 2005  

Here's the first shot that's remotely like what the final game will look like. The text and the life meter have to go, of course, and there will be more interesting stuff on the screen (like some enemies might be nice), but otherwise this is it! Oh, and you wouldn't normally get the "P1" pointer unless you're in a multiplayer mode, although it certainly is handy for showing you where the guy is in this shrunken down shot. Look, there are dancing moonshine bottles now! And they're apparently radioactive. And the ninja is now in white. I think he really looks good in-game now. In fact, it was only today that you could actually PLAY the game again, for the first time in weeks. That sounds like progress to me.
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