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  Walkies 09:29 PM -- Tue July 26, 2005  

Whew, gigantic walk this morning, a couple miles. So is that what it's like for people who really get exercise? Because it's not too bad (except the parts where we attempted jogging). And we found a rubber dolphin in the road!

For a few days we had major serious thunderstorms and crazy humidity. Another chance for me to see what life is like for others - in this case, midwesterners! The thunderstorms were fun, although the biggest raging one was during the middle of the night, and it was rather on the loud and bright side, interfering with the snooze time. Still, always fun. It started a fire actually, not too far off, but it was gone in a little while. Fire is a big danger 'round these parts, this time of year.

So, call that the nature note for today, because nothing new in the animal kingdom. Well, a bunch of neighbor dogs who bark at us whenever we go walking, but they're not terribly exotic.

So, boring journal then. Sorry! It's what you get today, since nothing happened. But on Thursday, we're going to Magic Mountain for our anniversary! Whee!
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