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  Fan Art 05:16 PM -- Thu July 28, 2005  

Today, a Hamumu fan who you may know by the name of WackieWatty sent me some art of Yerfdog he's made. Here are my favorites (he made a bunch!):

A clay yerfdog.

It says right on it what it is! And what it's in!

I love getting that stuff. It's weird to think of people being so interested in the junk I make up. Good for the ego! But kind of trippy strange. Now if only more people would be interested and I could get rich...

Sad nature notes: it turns out we have mice around here. We found out because after all the rain, a bucket we had outside was filled with water, and today we discovered two dead mice and a dead lizard floating in it. Sad... we gotta be more careful about leaving stuff out to accumulate water. The other nature note was our second scorpion: we saw him on our walk, way far from our house, just sitting in the road. He was much bigger than the one in our garage. Not very scary anyway though. Just fun to see. Still have yet to see a single snake, except the dead little one we saw early on. I want to see snakes, I just don't want them to be rattlesnakes. Or spitting cobras, but I think we're in the clear on that one. Or, while I'm on the topic, robosnakes with laser-guided missile bays. Again, rather unlikely though.

I made the new cartoonified version of the Training Dummy for Ninja yesterday. It's much nicer - not only is it cartoony to match the new look of the game, but it also bends back like rubber when you hit it, which is a cool effect. And I added some very cool particle effects when you collect the moonshine. Today I worked on some of the interface stuff, text and life meters and all, but it is not yet ready.

Hey, get those Monthly Merge guesses in!! Tomorrow is your last chance to win fabulous prizes! (until next month)
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