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  Buy Stuff 04:57 PM -- Sat July 30, 2005  

You know what I want to buy? An uninterruptable power supply. We keep having these teeny blackouts, maybe 1 second long. A couple a day! It's really a pain. Apparently they happen any time there is lightning anywhere within a 400 mile radius. Speaking of that, what's up with this weather? Rain and lightning in the middle of summer? Heck, rain!? At all!?! It's crazy talk. It's kinda nice except for the power troubles.

Here is my latest invention: the air replacer. It's like a gigantic fan at one end of your house, and another at the other end, and probably an assortment of smaller fans strategically arranged throughout. In the late afternoon, once it's cooled off outside and it's time to open windows and let the air in, you put away all loose papers, and kick on your air replacer. In under 30 seconds, it will have completely replaced all the air inside your house with air from outside. Shut it off, and enjoy the outside air, inside! Use it anytime you want this effect - burn something in the kitchen? Problem solved! Flies in the house? Usher them outside with great haste! Yes, the air replacer meets all your air needs. Unless you need air that's cooler or warmer than what's outside, in which case, turn on your A/C or heater.
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