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  Flash Flood! 10:05 PM -- Sun July 31, 2005  

Whoa. We went away for the day, came back and everything looked just like before, warm and sunny and clear. Until we got to our road (note: our road is aptly named "Dusty Road"), and discovered that apparently it had rained while we were gone. HARD. The entire road was rutted and trashed by an obvious flood of some size. Not like a real flood or anything, nobody's house or cars had moved, but the road is sure in bad shape now! So is our yard. Well, not bad shape, but it's covered with ruts. Crazy. I wish we hadn't missed that storm, it must've been something. Quite a shock to come home to that. I don't know what is going on this summer, it's like living in the tropics during monsoon season.

The indie (or semi-indie?) game Fate is really fun. Of course, that's only because it's an exact clone of Diablo 2 (and the parts where it strays from Diablo are the weakest parts... come on people, we need a multi-layered skill tree, so that there are choices to be made!). But it is very cool, to be sure.
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