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  Sky High 09:06 PM -- Tue August 9, 2005  

Taking Sol Hunt to the airport to be without her and live a bachelor life for the next two weeks, we stopped to see a movie (well, not like we just stopped along the way... we planned it). Sky High. It's definitely a kid's movie, but it was very funny. I try to watch every movie that has Bruce Campbell in it, you know. His autobiography, If Chins Could Kill, is a very good book. I'm into 'behind the scenes' type stuff like that (of course, he's also very funny). Lately we watched the first two seasons of Project Greenlight via our Netflix, and it was the same thing. I just find it really interesting to see the process behind how the magic happens, whatever magic it may be. It's also fun to see people secretly loathing each other, of course.

Speaking of horrible people, here's a FUN thing that happened a couple days ago. We were driving on the highway out here, and someone had to make a left turn into a driveway, but there were cars coming. So our side of the highway was held up for maybe 20 seconds or so, quite a few of us, a line of about 10 cars or so. But you know, no big deal, it had to be done, and it wasn't long. But this one guy whipped out of line and drove along the dirt shoulder at high speed trying to zip around us all. This is the cool part - by the time he got to the front of our line, the other guy had made his turn, and we had gotten going again. So all of us proceeded to gradually motor past him, and he couldn't get in, and ended up having to wait for the entire procession of cars to pass him before he could pull back into the road (previously he had been somewhere in the middle of the pack). It was cool! Huzzah, comeuppance!

We got to experience a flash flood in person, flashing and flooding right through our yard, just yesterday. My UPS flicked to battery mode like 4 times. It was the craziest downpour ever. I will be sharing pictures of that and other exciting Anza fun in the near future, so hold your breath for that intense action.
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