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  Nature Pix! 04:37 PM -- Thu August 11, 2005  

For the next little while, until I run out of accumulated pictures, I shall share with you daily in this journal some lovely photos of the world of Hamumu.

Today we have two subjects to share. First is Lizardus Verymanius Anzia, or the Very Very Common Anza Lizard. Three excellent specimens here (bad pictures though, sorry), though I could probably rack up another 10 lizard shots every day just by randomly rotating the camera and clicking. I like lizards, I'm glad our yard is overrun with them. They come in all sizes from the adorably teensy to "is that an iguana?"

Second is Felis Domesticus Bonsaius, or the rare Tweaky Orange Kitty, who we just call Bonsai for short (get it? Bonsai? For short? Bada-bing!).

Any container you open up, he hops right in. I showed him the bag, and that was the result above. He slept in it for an hour. The other picture shows one of his favorite spots, just laying in front of the fireplace.

That's it for today, but wait until you see what I got a picture of today... I hope it came out. It won't be up for a while, A> for suspense, and B> because it's a pain since the camera is all set up to download to the mac, not this computer.
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