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  More Nature Pix 10:28 AM -- Sat August 13, 2005  

Today we have two more sights to share. First, this is the best shot I could muster of our herd of baby quail (Avius Teensius):

Those little guys are skittish when I pop up with a camera. You can't tell how tiny they are in this shot - they're about 2 inches tall at the most! Usually you can see their parents around too, but they were on their way running across the road to meet their parents here.

Next up is Kittius Chewius, a specimen we call Oliver. Here's a montage of shots to enjoy:

Yes, in the upper left, he is eating watermelon. He loves watermelon. Beneath that, he's actually eating an important contract. He loves important contracts too. Luckily, I had already faxed it. Under him in that shot, you can see what remains of my stock of the old CDs, and some of the Halloween goodies!
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