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  Nature Pix 3.0 04:13 PM -- Sun August 14, 2005  

Here's Sciurius Diggius, the common ground squirrel. We have, I think, a pair of these, which like to dig holes around our yard. They have a cute habit of digging a little trench and shoving their body through it quickly to throw dirt over themselves, like a dirt bath. The big picture's an action shot! Oh, see that water fountain? It used to be solar powered, for about 24 hours (well, I guess it was only powered for 12 of those hours). These very same squirrels decided they were hungry for solar power and chewed right through the cord. So now it's just a birdbath that's empty most of the time. Incidentally, the light in the inset shot is also solar powered, but without any wires for them to chew. Wish our house was solar.

And this is Felis Squeakius, a specimen we call Zazzy. This is the only decent recent picture I can find of her, because although she is the cutest cat in the world, she's extremely unphotogenic. She has incredible reflexes (cat-like, even) and can squint her eyes and make an awful face faster than the camera can flash. Actually, I wish I had included one of those shots here, it's pretty funny. But then you'd think I had an ugly cat.

She's not mad in this picture, she just has folded ears. And, you can barely tell, a stubby tail. I'm trying to get through the more boring pictures (and of course, one cat a day) before I get to the good stuff! Good stuff's coming!
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